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Neo Lab produces top products for prosthetics and implantology.
Our goal is to help dental professionals
  to maximize workflow efficiency while saving money on the highest quality products.

Our mission is to become a leader  provider of premium dental prostheses  and other prosthetic solutions at affordable prices.


We believe that every business transaction is a personal obligation. We work hard to build trust, long-term relationships with our customers, starting with the highest quality products.


We hold your satisfaction at the highest level and promise to maintain our hard-earned level of excellence as our company continues to grow. We are always here when  you need us!


We pride ourselves on providing superior products to our customers, providing excellent performance, simple systems and innovative solutions. To do this, we use an "open" approach to research and development. This means that we work on product development as a challenge to existing industry standards, we also listen to our customers to help us develop our latest technologies . We believe that our customers are the driving force behind our innovations and we always want to hear your ideas yes  we are building new partnerships!

He looks at our disclaimer page on the compatibility of our products.

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